Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Usha got the idea of stringing dot picots on bare thread while working with single shuttle patterns and her Exotic Pollen design was born. She show how it's done and provides a PDF pattern for it on her blog. She's also looking for test tatters for another pattern called Fusion Elegance.

Mistene has run out of Marilee's size 20 Sugar Maple hand dyed thread and needs more to complete her doily. If anyone has any please get in touch with her. Failing that she's wondering if she could continue in either the orange or yellow. (I think I'd go with using both, one for rings and one for chains.)

Diane spent time on the porch tatting, keeping her husband company while he worked in the yard and the the results are 3 more Ice Drops. Cleaning and weaving took up a lot of her tatting time so she only managed one more Ice Drop.

Fox has been doing a lot of playing with fiddly patterns which she doesn't usually enjoy, but judging by the quantity of them she seems to be having fun with these button motifs and Ice Drops. She branched out from buttons and gems and tatted a Jon Yusoff pattern. Th gorgeous button in this Ice Drop is Venetian glass that Ninetta sent her a few years ago and she was saving it for something special. A mind twisting pattern takes careful attention.

Margaret has plans to refresh a dress with this Jan Stawasz pattern where she is working the split rings and the first row of the pattern together so she can get the right size.

Martha is working on the yoke from Practical Tatting by Phyllis Sparks which is old fashioned and elaborate with approximately 86 individual motifs that can be tatted in any order and she began with the oblong motif. She Photoshopped the image to show it on a black background.

Muskaan tatted Jon Yusoff's Daisy Picot Star, but she was concentrating so hard on getting the daisy picots right that she joined a picot on a ring that should have been floating and decided to cut it off and try again. Things were further complicated by her obsession with front/side, back/side tatting. The dot picot trend continues providing interesting texture to flowers and leaves in this dot picot bouquet. She did a test tat of Usha's Exotic Pollen and found the inner round a bit fiddly. Instead of joining the pollen string to base of ring, she encapsulated it within the last half stitch of the ring, and closed ring. She ran out of thread on the pale yellow one, & had chosen a brighter yellow for the outer round, but this looks cute as is. The cluster of flowers needed some greens. She started with a string of dot picots, joining back at a distance, to create the veins of a leaf as you can see in the pictorial, but this one was disproportionately large for a small leaf and it worked better as a stem.


Sue tatted the earrings last week, but she needs to sew in the ends and add hooks to the orange ones. The Christmas Ice Drops were done over the past 3 days.

Wanda was tatting around buttons and this design didn't seem to work, until she realized it wanted to be a butterfly although the head wasn't quite right. She did it again in white and the joins to the button holes look better, but she thinks the head still needs work.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Doilies, Ice Drops, Button Motifs, Necklaces, Techniques, Pendants, Earrings, Tablecloth and Bookmark

Mistene finished round 9 of Renulek's Spring 2017 doily and she was hoping the thread would stretch, but it doesn't look like it will do for round 10 so she either has to stop here or figure out some complimentary colour to continue.

Cindy worked on Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily during her leisure hours. We can see how tough it was. She timed how long it took to complete the doily which was begun in 2015 and finished this summer - 89 hours. Yikes! She had plans to enter in the fair, but on the last round she noticed she had an extra ring to join onto!!! She's not sure what happened and at this point with the hours invested, she isn't about to search for the mistake and fix it, so just to get it finished she added in an extra ring on the last row. It's a gorgeous doily and you wouldn't notice it, unless you were really looking for it, but it isn't suitable for the fair. Still, it is a lovely example of tatted lace and would look beautiful gracing any table.

Diane's granddaughter loved the way the thread edging the ribbon picked up the blue of this Ice Drop. This one wasn't Sophie approved, since she was sleeping and didn't get to pick the colours.

Fox is waiting for her thread to arrive and doing some practice tatting like these button motifs with Dot picots done in size 40 Lizbeth. And here are more button motifs. Fox's cat is not impressed, but Fox is loving the button motifs. She loves them so much she's running out of them and had to resort to a cabone ring and Jon Yusoff's book, Tatting With Rings, and with a few errors, she managed the ring, improvising as she tatted. She got the hang of it and with some new Lizbeth #40 she made another one, but she's still having trouble with the thread splitting and having knots. (How is Fox managing to get all the balls with splitting thread and knots?)

Margaret tatted an Ice Drop Pendant using Diane's Spring Garden Ice Drop pattern with a small ring at the top for the ring and chain in Lizbeth size 20, Royal Wave. She was finishing up the thread on her shuttles and continued with the Royal Wave making a Mary Konior's Spinning wheel Glass Mat.

Marie tatsmithed a necklace in turquoise called "Turquoise Splendor Necklace" which she plans to keep for herself.

Martha was almost finished one of the motifs for the Rose doily and she didn't think it was something she could fix without having a big blob in all the delicate lace, so she sat it aside and later added a row of split chain in colour  to finish it off. Bothersome to tat, but pretty when done. Here it is on a dark background.

Muskaan was doing some more one shuttle playing and created these undulating designs which are very interesting. As usual she has included her step by step development of the patterns. She was playing around with 2 colour tatting, starting with a chain and simultaneously hiding the odd coloured ends.

Sue tatted these earrings in size 40 Lizbeth Orange Crush with little orange beads and the centre flower beads. She has another Ice Drop earring done using some newly acquired glass gems. Tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Elderberry Jam here are both earrings front and back. This is tatted in size 40 again with her stitch count and the "gem" actually has the colours of the thread in it, which will be finished off as a pendant. Ice Drop earrings in Lizbeth Blue Ice thread. She posted a group shot of the gems she's using which gives an indication of how they vary in size. Here's Autumn Spice Ice Drop earrings tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Autumn Spice with a brown glass bead, front and back. Her tablecloth is growing and she has the ends hidden now all along one side. That's a really tedious job that is mind numbing if left until the end so while there aren't a lot more motifs done, there's a huge amount of work completed.

Wanda tatted a red white and blue bookmark for flag day in Lizbeth size 20 threads #654 Navy Blue, #671 Christmas Red, and #601 White.