Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Motifs, Doilies, Yoke and Snood

Vera has been working through the Magic Square and found that it required a lot of concentration. Of course doing one was not enough so she had to start again.

Fox thinks Robin Perfetti's Magic Square is a great pattern. This one is 2 inches across and was done in #40 Lizbeth. Alenaleah's tat-along is a lovely pattern and she thought she'd join the fun.

Martha found after fixing the offending motif she showed last time, she has now completed the inner neck edge, all "Yoke Circle 1". A few fill-in motifs on the front or maybe it's the back part and now she just the outer edge to go.

Muskaan recently found an interestingly shaped needle threader that also works well as a beader. She pulled out the old stand-by book “Tatting Patterns and Designs” by Blomqvist and Persson and tatted a couple of the medallions in Anchor size 40 thread. Most vintage patterns that start with a central ring will require tatting that ring first, but as Muskaan notes, a design like this one can be started with a chain the the central ring is thrown off it. This one cups because she didn't make the joining picots long enough. The next one worked out perfectly and is a very pretty medallion. She found Linda Davies split chain doily pattern and tatted in to make a hair bun (snood). Rather than encapsulating an elastic she did a Lock Chain string with a black wooden bead at either end and ran it through the outer edge of the doily.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Motifs, Gecko, Ice Drops, Alphabet, Doilies, Crosses, Pendants, Yoke, Necklace and Bracelet

Vera started the first "Magic Square" but she hadn't gone too far when she saw a mistake and had to cut it off. The next one started out better, but ran into a problem and had to be cut again. Then she realized she'd done it wrong and cut it again. Now it's looking more like the pattern. With all of the false starts the  inverted version was easy.

Sue tatted Jane Eborall's gecko pattern in Lizbeth size 40 in fudge and honey to resemble sand and rocks.

Diane has been tatting Ice Drops in white with red gems to help trim an Ice Drop tree for the Momence Library where her Tollway Tatter's friend, Denise, attends a fibre arts group. The goal is to tat 125 Ice drops and she tatted them with 1,3 and 5 picots. Then she used 1 bead instead of a picot. Followed by 2 beads instead of the picot. Then it was 3 beads and 4 beads. It will be fun picking out all of these little variations when they're on the tree. Round 5 of Alenalea's mystery doily has been posted and although it's a very simple round, she thinks she should have made the picots slightly larger. Another Ice Drop, with variations. She decided to play with picots on the next Ice Drops. She finished the 12 she had promised to Denise. Here they are, all packaged up and ready to deliver to Denise.

Eliz was challenged to tat some letters to be framed and all of the alphabets she's familiar with are much too small so she set out to create something more suitable. She ended up using Bev Dillon's Tatted Lace Bookmark with Small Butterfly Rings as a basis for her creation.

Fox is bemoaning the lack of innovative tatting creations, and at the same time making a lot of the more mundane laces. She thought of hanging up her tatting shuttles, but button motifs are keeping her engaged. Karey Solomon's design had to be tatted twice since she always seems to make mistakes galore with her patterns on initial run. The second one was better. She had to give Robin Perfetti's design a try after seeing how Frivole enjoyed it.

Margaret is doing the tat along by Alenalea using Lizbeth White and Grape Pizzaz size 20. Currently shown are rounds 1-4 and she is working on round 5.

Marie tatted another cross by Lene in teal. A friend gave her some peach coloured tatting thread so she had to try it out. When she was asked to create a wire-wrapped pendant with blue beads she couldn't resist making one more and adding tatting.

Martha shows the intricate process she went through to fix a mistake on the Spark's yoke. She carefully clipped the joining bit leaving the tatted shreds attached. She shows, step by step, how to handle the repair job for picots that were attached to and for picots that were the joining bits. It's very complex, but she breaks it down with clear pictures showing you what to do.

HisKid was fighting with a headache which cramps creativity and she needed a necklace design, so she went with a simple ring and chain done in size 40 Lizbeth Pink Blossoms. A small pendant bead was added to the centre and a pair of pink flip flop buttons off centre to remind the recipient to always walk with Jesus. She test tatted the Name Bracelet for Elaine P. Gan and since she didn't have any letter beads she used these special beads and size 40 Lizbeth Lilac Dk.