Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Snowflakes, Ornaments, Ice Drops, Earrings, Edging, Motifs, Bookmark, Tatty Bug, Doilies and Lanyard

Vera has finished blocking her snowflakes and she tried stiffening some of them and she has plans to add beads. I'm sure the translation is missing something because from the pictures it looks like she has plans to combine some of them for 3D snowflakes. We'll just have to stay tuned to see what develops. A section of Robin's design will make a nice ornament.

Batty Tatter has enjoyed making Diane's Ice Drops and she's wondering if she needs to stiffen them or add frosty sparkles to use them for Christmas decorations.

Elsa is enamoured of the centre of Jane McLellan's beautiful doily, "Under the African sky" and used it to make some delightful lilac earrings in Tenax 40 polyester yarn with 15/0 seed beads and a 3mm round center bead, which made the earring 3.5 cm wide and 4 cm high. Her friend wanted the same thing in red and larger, so she used Tenax 30 polyester yarn with 11/0 seed beads and a 4mm round bead, which resulted in earrings 4.5 cm wide and 5 cm high. Here they are pictured together for comparison. See how lovely they look on.

Diane finished tatting her Basic Ice Drop pattern with every colour bead in her little bead box. Turquoise is quickly becoming a favourite shade of blue. She  also loves this shade of green. She almost didn't use the black beads, but decided that she might as well since they were in the box. Then she played with her Minty Fudge pattern, choosing a green ribbon to go with the gold beads. The green doesn't seem to go as well with the peacock blue beads. Yellow ribbon matches yellow beads on this one. This one in blue and white is a favourite,  at least until the next one is done. A busy day, but still another Ice Drop done.

Eliz has a monster project on the go. Clover edging by Mary Konior from Tatting With Visual Patterns doesn't seem like such a big deal until it's done in size 70 thread (the only thing she has that matches the fabric) and long enough to go around a table runner. It takes 44 inches for a standard 11 inch hanky and this is for a table runner, which definitely qualifies as a monster project.

Fox loves the Babylo thread and the pattern for this motif, but she had to cut a few off before she figured out the correct order and logistics. She used size 40 Lizbeth and Japanese beads for this gift bookmark.

Marie made Rebecca Jones tatty bug. She added beads to Robins, Small Snowflake, pattern. Another snowflake with beads, pattern by Tatting by the Bay.

Muskaan joined the picot challenge and tatted the central motif with a minimum of picots, but added in a double picot in round 1 enhancing the floral effect. Dot picots were used in round 2. On the Onion Ring Magic Square #2 she omitted the outer decorative picots but messed up the joinings which resulted in a slightly wonky negative space. (My local quilting group loves my cast offs for CQ's, even when they're wonky.) On the 3rd round of the doily dot picots just looked tack so she reverted to plain decorative picots.

Sue tatted Karen from the book 20 Twenty to Make Tatted Snowflakes by Jennifer Williams which she did with snowflake sequins and although the design might be simple, all those tiny snowflakes sure would make it a challenge to tat. She also tatted another Birthday Ice Drop which sparkles amazingly in the sun. Then she played a little with a simple sequin motif using up thread.  This design by Erika Tashiro is tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Black and Rainbow Splash, but she joined the large rings as well as the small ones and it didn't work out as she thought it would. She was trying to tat a small Ice Drop with the small clear gem, but it kept slipping out of the tatting so she tatted chains with tiny beads around the front to tighten it a bit. she had been planning on using the blue gem with the Peacock Blue pieces but the sizes weren't compatible, so they'll be turned into earrings instead. She's also working on a lanyard for a friend and her planned version wasn't working so she decided to just tat. She used size 40 Lizbeth Christmas Red with gold beads, a frosted gem for the centre and 3 beads on the points of the outer chains, for this Ice Drop and added 1 bead in the centre rings to draw some gold to the centre.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Motifs, Flowers, Snowflakes, Ice Drops, Dragon, Bookmarks, Bracelet and Necklace

Vera envisioned this piece with pearls, but didn't add them because she wasn't certain the row would work out. She had a couple of other ideas just using segments of the design  for alternate ornaments.

Sharon decided to take another stab at cro-tatting and these larger flowers were done with Annie's size 6 hook and Lizbeth size 3 thread, while the smaller flower was done with Annie's size 10 hook and Artiste size 10 thread. She did a lot of practicing as you can see the top left is Lizbeth size 3 using Annie's size 6 hook and the top right is Aunt Lydia size 10 using the Annie's size 6 hook, which she thinks is a bit loose and floppy. The snowflakes are: bottom left the same size 10 thread using the Annie's size 10 hook and bottom right is Artiste 10 with the size 10 Cro-tat hook.

Pop Maria was looking for some way to display the snowflakes she did last year and a patchwork tree she saw online seemed perfect, so she sewed one up and added her lovely snowflakes. The dimensions are 170/60 cm.

Diane ordered some Finca metallic thread from Rita at Shuttle by Design and she couldn't wait to get started on this lovely Ice Drop. She's focused on getting ready for Christmas in the Village, and since one of the prizes she won at Palmetto Tat Days was an assortment of beads, she's focused on tatting her basic Ice Drop pattern with each colour bead in the box. She finished off one group and filled a tree, but she has some more colours to go. It was a gloomy day but she tatted some brighter Ice Drops. Five more Ice Drops done! One lonely little Ice Drop since mundane things like cleaning and shopping intruded.

Eliz explored of Muskaan's Quatrefoil Medallions and the knot free hiding of ends on these designs. She was so enthused with it she also tried out Muskaan's Quatrefoil Square Flower 1.

Fox tatted Robin Perfetti's design using variegated thread from AlenAleaDesigns. She loves Jan Stawasz designs, but she has to concentrate not to make mistakes. The thread she is using is DMC Babylo, a three-ply size 20, which is smaller and smoother than Lizbeth at the same size.

Marie has started to add beads to the snowflakes she made. She added a fall dragon to her collection using Anne Bruvold's design.

Muskaan is showing us her design in progress utilizing her Clover Wreath Mats pattern. She has also been playing around with layering effects. Then this 3 row pattern done in Anchor size 50 that works well as a bookmark of bracelet.

Sue tatted a necklace inspired by Tatting Tatsright using an online pattern and size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy, and size with 40 Lizbeth Lilac Dk. and Raspberry Pink and some butterflies for fun. Another Birthday Ice Drop; one is tatted in size 20 thread, the others in size 40.